Where we've been


Research and Development

We followed the best that mental health, welfare and social health research has to offer around the world, and compared that in depth to current Australian practices and outcomes


Registration and Charity Status

After that, we got our ducks in a row and did the paperwork required to register as a business, a not-for-profit organisation, and then a public benevolent institution charity with full gift deductable status.



We followed the best that mental health, welfare and social health research has to offer around the world, and compared that in depth to current Australian practices and outcomes

Feedback and Refinement

We then went to local experts at many levels of the health, welfare, and government sectors to refine what we had built and come up with a pathway to funding public-facing services.


Expansion of Sector Support Services

Expanding our services to a number of sites over a 100km radius, we refined our service further, ensuring a scalable and stable service.

During this time, we gave counselling services to a wide range of clients, preventing multiple suicides, helping people escape domestic violence, and assisting a number of people into treatment  for addiction.

Beacon Beta

We rolled Beacon out to some select testing areas, and measured the outcomes of the clients who used Beacon against those who did not.


Service Testing

We took the results of our research to the jobactive and DES sectors to deliver results-driven counselling services for people who are underemployed or living with a disability, and took the client and organisation feedback to refine our Sector Support model.

Beacon Development

After identifying areas of need in the assessment and referral of our clients, we developed Beacon, our psycho-social assessment suite

Expansion of NDIS Services

With our first support coordination and counselling clients on board, we continue to do excellent work for people with disabilities through the NDIS.

Which brings us up to now...

What we've got planned

leading up to 2020

Rapid Response Mobile
Counselling Service
Pilot Project

In line with our original vision,  we are in the process securing funding for a rapid response trauma counselling service.

To start, this means raising enough funds to work with key players in the front line of crisis, then refine our service so we can take our plans to government to secure funding for a wider release of services to the public.

Expansion of Existing Services

This year, our NDIS team will expand, as well as our client base as we work to improve the variety and quality of our services.

We are currently in conversation with a number of jobactive and DES providers to roll out further Sector Support Services to the under and unemployed.

Additionally, we are refining Beacon’s functionality and accuracy to secure funding for its ongoing development and rollout to those who need it.

Creation of Resources for the public and industry

We want to transform our ongoing research into resources to help people.

Between educational resources, seminars, and contributing to nationwide conversations about social and mental health, we aim to produce content and supports that help people when we can't do it in person.

What we need to thrive


Relationships are the cornerstone of success for any organisation.

If you know a person or an organisation that would be interested in our services, research, or upcoming developments, let them know about us.

If you work for an organisation in the welfare, employment or social service sector, let us know, and we’ll get in touch with them for a chat about what we have to offer.

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Part of providing services that are free to those who need it is that our services don’t pay for themselves.

Unfortunately for us, our phone company doesn’t take lives saved as payment.

That means that we require the help of people like you to continue our programs. We are a charity with gift deductible status, which means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

We have a range of options for donations.


If you would like to support us in our efforts on an ongoing basis, we have a patronage program to make the process easy and painless, regardless of the amount you can afford.


Part of receiving funding from larger organisations and governments is being able to prove that the community knows about and appreciates our efforts. 

Following us on social media, interacting with our posts, and contributing your time and effort in reaching out to your friends to do the same really does make a difference.

Our future 
is bright

and we need your help to 
make it happen.
Find out more about what we have planned,
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