Critical metrics.
Personalised interventions.
Measurable outcomes.

An organisation is only as healthy as its people.

We know that managing an organisation that relies on the wellness of people can be stressful.

Every manager wants the best for their employees and clients, but not everyone has the opportunity to make real and lasting change for them in a way that helps their organisation thrive.

Reflex Social Services offers a range of supports for non-government organisations.

With a top down approach, the services that we provide are strategically deployed to create lasting changes and measurable outcomes directly related to the investments you make in your employees and clients.

Let us show you how we do it. Keep scrolling.

Do you have clients that need help?


We provide comprehensive counselling services to help your clients address their barriers and issues.

Emergency Assistance

With a quick-response emergency trauma response model, we deliver assistance when and where you need it.


We also provide a range of courses, classes, and educational events for clients to build their skills and knowledge.


All with a data driven approach to finding and identifying factors that you can leverage inside your organisation.

What are you doing to help your staff?

Preventing burnout and maintaining a culture of excellence starts and ends with good management.

With a range of training and counselling services, Reflex not only helps employees when problems arise, but also prevents them by equipping staff members with the tools that they need to thrive in the work place.


We provide comprehensive counselling services to help your staff stay on top of their game.

Performance Coaching

We can help your staff maximise their performance in high-pressure environments.

Burnout Prevention

We specialise in burnout prevention and recovery. Don't let burnout cost you staff, productivity, and money.

Vicarious Trauma

Workers that are exposed to traumatised clients are exposed to trauma too. Make sure that they have the tools they need.

Emergency Response

Sometimes things go very, very wrong, and you need someone to help immediately. 


We also have a range of courses, seminars, and workshops to help your staff build their skills and knowledge.

Make an Organisation Wide Impact

Integrating Reflex's services into the workflow of your organisation brings 
a range of results that benefit your organisation from the top down. 

1. Deliver an Exceptional Service

Providing a service that goes above and beyond the call of duty for clients and staff is key to a successful service that performs better than its peers.

In industries that promote client choice, our services help you provide a service that clients will actively select over the competition. 

For organisations who rely on client interaction to achieve results, when clients feel like you're investing in them, they invest back. This results in increased compliance, and greater levels of cooperation, making it easier to achieve your organisation's goals.

2. Mitigate your Risks

We all know that looking after the wellbeing of your staff prevents burnout and staff turnover, and there's lots of programs available that can help with that.

None of them are as responsive as we are or equipped to deal with a crisis, or specialise in helping the people who help other people.

Being exposed to other people's hurt is a real and tangible risk for the wellbeing of your staff, and needs to be handled with care by people who understand its impact on your employees and your business. 

3. Create Data Driven Outcomes

Our programs, decisions, therapies and services are all driven by the latest research sourced from across the globe.

Additionally, our own services are thoroughly analysed and constantly refined to streamline services and remove barriers to real, measurable results.

When we say real, measurable results, we mean real, measurable results that we take the time to quantify and tell you about so you know exactly what return you're getting on your investment.

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