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PTSD 101: What People with PTSD Need You to Know
Lived experiences of ptsd I have spent some time speaking with a number of people in our community about their experiences with PTSD and what they want others to know about it. One of my interviewees experienced years of emotional trauma with family and the loss of his son, suffered severe physical injury and watched physical harm occur to his wife after a violent break in of his home. He has suffered shame since with recurring nightmares, waking up with both himself and his bedclothes drenched in sweat, crying for no reason (that he can tell), with difficulty engaging in…
Does your feed spark joy? Unfollow these 6 things now.
I’m sure you’ve read enough Kondo thinkpieces by now to know the drill about this lady, her book, and her new Netflix series. Whether you love the process for your own home, or think that she’s the Ted Bundy of trinkets, she’s one of those figures that polarises opinions, and one of those figures that’s made me think about mess in new ways. You hold a thing, and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. A little while ago, I wrote about 4 types of friendships I said goodbye to with the help of Marie Kondo. Like our homes, lots of different…
What you need to know about Secondary PTSD
Content warning: descriptions of ptsd, and non-specific traumas As we left on in the last article, PTSD is technically a contagion in the mental health realm. Constant exposure to person’s suffering trauma and distress causes the same physical trauma as we discussed in the previous article, especially if exposed, without significant break, for an extended period of time. But why? One of the most powerful, and utterly extraordinary components of the brain is the “mirror neuron” arrays in the front and prefrontal cortexes. These allow us to empathise with others and appreciate their feelings and experiences. They are essential to the mechanisms…
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4 friends I said goodbye to with the help of Marie Kondo
Sometimes we end up with people in our lives in much the same way we end up with Tupperware containers. You’re not sure how you picked them up, they smell a bit funny, and they certainly don’t “spark joy” for you in the way they must spark joy for someone else who would appreciate them more. My latest Netflix binge was on Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”. Created by the author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, Marie Kondo helps families across America with tidying up their homes and getting unstuck in the…
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What you need to know now about PTSD and its dangers
Content warning: descriptions of ptsd, and non-specific traumas Imagine that you have a linen closet that’s absolutely full. It’s stuffed full of linen, mementos, and all of the embarrassing things you keep hidden from guests. You just received a new sheet set and some towels from your parents as a gift, and you’ve got a date coming over any minute for dinner. In your haste, you shove the new stuff in the closet, displacing your other items and stuffing it in any way that it fits. You quickly slam the door before it sends everything tumbling out. Your date arrives, but you…
Is it Hyperfixation, or addiction? How to tell and what to do.
We’ve all been there haven’t we? You find that great new series on Netflix…… suddenly you’ve lost nine hours and there are no new episodes for months. You bought that AMAZING new book you’ve heard so much about, and you settle into your warm bed to read a chapter….. now the sun is rising, the alarm’s about to go off and you’ve read the whole thing. You lost a weekend to that video game You listen to that one new song over and over Work consumes you… So do your hobbies….. A lot of this seems to have been equated…
Disability 101 – What you can learn and how you can help right now.
Disability 101: 7 Things about Disabilities, and 7 Things you can do to Help. Today is the International Day for People with Disabilities. First up, I want to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t know anything about people with disabilities, even if you’ve reached adulthood. Lots of people were raised in environments where our questions weren’t answered. Disabilities were spoken of in hushed tones. Children with disabilities were institutionalised for life with their parents being urged to forget they exist. Lots of people go about their lives never getting to know a person with a disability (that they…
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5 easy ways to support a charity when you’re broke
Most of the big charities ask for ongoing donations of $30 or more a month to be regarded as one of their supporters. Here’s what to do when that’s not an option.
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10 Things That will Immediately Change how you see People with ADHD
My name is Damien Southam, I am the Director of Operations at Reflex Social Services, and I am an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder sufferer. Here’s 10 things that I, and others like me, wish you knew.