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Does your feed spark joy? Unfollow these 6 things now.
I’m sure you’ve read enough Kondo thinkpieces by now to know the drill about this lady, her book, and her new Netflix series. Whether you love the process for your own home, or think that she’s the Ted Bundy of trinkets, she’s one of those figures that polarises opinions, and one of those figures that’s made me think about mess in new ways. You hold a thing, and ask yourself if it “sparks joy”. A little while ago, I wrote about 4 types of friendships I said goodbye to with the help of Marie Kondo. Like our homes, lots of different…
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5 easy ways to support a charity when you’re broke
Most of the big charities ask for ongoing donations of $30 or more a month to be regarded as one of their supporters. Here’s what to do when that’s not an option.