Disability 101 – What you can learn and how you can help right now.
Disability 101: 7 Things about Disabilities, and 7 Things you can do to Help. Today is the International Day for People with Disabilities. First up, I want to tell you that it’s okay if you don’t know anything about people with disabilities, even if you’ve reached adulthood. Lots of people were raised in environments where our questions weren’t answered. Disabilities were spoken of in hushed tones. Children with disabilities were institutionalised for life with their parents being urged to forget they exist. Lots of people go about their lives never getting to know a person with a disability (that they…
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5 easy ways to support a charity when you’re broke
Most of the big charities ask for ongoing donations of $30 or more a month to be regarded as one of their supporters. Here’s what to do when that’s not an option.