We know you care about your people.

Let’s help them thrive.

We understand how important it is to cultivate and care for a robust, healthy, and resilient workforce that can withstand whatever comes your way.

We help managers and executives nurture their companies and staff with counselling, education, and care services.

With Reflex, you can protect your company and your staff without having to leave it up to one-size-fits-all services that don’t understand your corporate ecosystem.


with mobile one on one, group, and emergency options.


in everything your staff need to stay safe, well, and performing at their peak.


to ensure you’re setting your staff up for success.

I want to talk

to you about

a manager I know.

Stressed out worker

We meet for a coffee and a chat in a little cafe near their office. It’s a welcome break from the storm raging inside their workplace.

They are facing mounting pressure from all directions – constantly moving quotas from the higher-ups, dwindling resources, and a staff that is so stressed that their productivity had tanked, conflict is rife, and they are losing the best staff they have to burnout, bullying, and stress.

Swamped, frustrated, and totally out of control, the advice from the top was to make sure everyone was drinking enough water, and to do deep breathing exercises.

When the breathing exercises are done, they still have the shakes, their mind is reeling, and it’s only hours before another drama in the office starts, and their highest-performing staff member walks out.

They are filled with dread driving to work, and their nights are spent trying to wind down and relax instead of spending quality time with their family. Sunday nights are the worst.

The EAP therapist says they’re anxious and depressed. They suggest yoga.

Some days, they just want to burn the whole place down and start over.

The CEO sends an email and says they want to “have a chat”.

Maybe you’re not quite at that point, or maybe you’ve been there before.

Maybe you want to act now and avoid this altogether.

It’s pretty scary.

It keeps you and your staff from having the security and stability you need to thrive.

Without the right resources, it can lead to burnout, staff churn, and even legal issues and workers compensation claims.

The good news is that you have the ability to do something about it.


We solve problems

like this every day.

We solve situations like this, and prevent them from happening every day with our very own THRIVE method, that focusses on nurturing workers and work culture rather than reacting when things go wrong with medicalised, individualistic services.

We don’t just prevent workers from breaking down. We work to encourage staff to use the skills they learn to invest back into their workplace, work together on the core issues, and improve relationships with everyone.

After all, if a flower isn’t blooming, you improve the environment, not the flower.

Using our services, everybody wins.

That’s our difference.

some of the common situations we work with include


Burnout Prevention

High Pressure Environments

Vicarious Trauma

Burnout Recovery

Self Sabotage

Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Neurodiverse Workers

Domestic and Family Violence

Grief and Loss

Life Event Adjustment

Illness and Disability

Childhood Trauma

LGBTQIA+ Support

Trauma Awareness


You will come to work knowing you’re not helpless.

You are not alone.

You are in control.

You have the resources you need to ensure the safety and happiness

of your staff.

You are well equipped to prevent issues before they get out of hand.

You know that your staff are getting the support they need

to use their strengths and grow resilience.

You know someone has your back.

You are seen, heard, and understood.

You can breathe easy.

Not because you have to,

but because it comes naturally.

you might be wondering

Why haven’t I done

something about it yet?

You might not know just how far the problems in your workplace go, or maybe you don’t have all of the tools to fix them until you’re seeing the outward signs.

Perhaps, you’ve never really known the importance of having the support you need before it’s gotten out of hand.

That’s okay. It’s not your fault.

Now that you know, though, it is your responsibility to do something about it.

Whether your problem feels insurmountable, or just a little thing that keeps cropping up at the back of your mind, there’s a reason you’re reading this, and it means that you’re already taking the first steps.


I think I’ll just

wait and see

what happens.

You could wait and see if it gets better, or wait for something worse to happen before calling us for help.

While you’re waiting to see if everything will be resolved with time, the root of the problem is becoming stronger while the resilience of your staff is wearing away.

You might even be making it worse by giving the problem more time and resources to grow.

Rather than creating a bigger problem with greater losses down the road, you could be calling us in to help you instead of shouldering the burden alone.

You can waste time, energy, and resources waiting for the problem to go away, or you could sow them into something positive that grows stronger and better than before.

Solving your workplace concerns won’t happen by accident.

It happens as the result of deliberate actions that ensure you don’t have to deal with this by yourself.

at reflex, we do one thing well, and that’s

helping people thrive in the face of adversity.

We’ve been doing it for five years now, with services throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast.

As a charity that specialises in trauma counselling and recovery, no trouble is too complex or daunting, and no client is beyond hope. Trauma doesn’t hold back, so neither do we.

Our techniques are honed by the latest research, and the outcomes we achieve with our clients.

What do you have to lose?

When you’re ready, you can book a meeting with us with no risk or obligations.

We will have a chat about what’s going on, and we’ll prepare a guide to address your concerns.

With shorter contract lengths, and modular services, you don’t need to risk paying for a service that doesn’t suit your needs.

The sooner we get to meet up and talk, the sooner we can get to work finding the path ahead together.

The only thing you have to lose is the time, resources, and money you’re losing by holding off.

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