Expansion of Services
We are working hard to ensure that we have staff on the ground to deliver the services that people need through strategic partnerships with existing community services.
Cessnock Supports
We are also launching our first community led mental health support program in the Cessnock LGA.

With the help of the NSW government, we have the opportunity to assist some of our region's most vulnerable people, while gathering the information we need to expand and grow.
Educational Resources
While all of this is happening, we're also creating, producing, and distributing quality mental health educational materials for the communities we work in.

What comes next?

Here's what we've got planned.
Cessnock Supports
Setting it up, making it run, and ensuring that it's a healthy, self sustaining service that serves its community effectively as a peer led mutual aid network.
Continuing our NDIS services and obtaining certification to expand services to all NDIS recipients.
Sector Support
Expanding our strategically placed services in the existing fabric of community and welfare services, while providing care to people who work in essential services.
Rapid Response
The creation and deployment of a rapid response trauma counselling service to ensure people get the help they need when they need it.
Solidifying the structure of Reflex to ensure a smooth roll out of consistent services of excellence across our region.

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