About Reflex Social Services and the NDIS

About Reflex Social Services

Reflex Social Services is a charity that provides
counselling and support for people who need it.

We currently provide a range of high-quality counselling and support services throughout Newcastle, the Hunter, and the Central Coast.

Real help

We give real, tangible help to those who need it. We don’t tell people what they need or what their lives should look like. 

We listen, we learn about our clients unique needs, and then we deliver services to help our clients get what they need.

Real people

Our services are lead by our clients, who are valuable, interesting, whole individuals who deserve respect and outstanding service. 

Our clients are not the sum of the difficulties they currently have.

Our employees are genuine, relatable people. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect authentically, person to person.

Real change

We use our services to enact real change in people’s lives, and give our clients the agency to tell us what those changes should be. 

We use our position to advocate for the issues that can’t be overcome alone, and use the knowledge we gain to strengthen our communities through education and support.

About the NDIS

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a government program that allows people with disabilities to access support services to help them achieve their goals. 

Participants in the NDIS are assessed to figure out what they need, and allocated funds that they can spend on goods, services, and equipment. After that, participants have full control over who provides services to them, and how they’re carried out.

Reflex is a proud provider of some of these services.
Support Services

While the NDIS covers a wide range of services, Reflex Social Services offers supports that help participants with their mental and social wellbeing.

Some of these include:
• One on one counselling
• Group therapies
• Assistance with accommodation
• Behavioural supports
• Community participation
• Assistance with life transitions
• Help with difficult circumstances
• Development of life skills

To find out more about our services, head to our “Services” page.

See our full list of services


Position Statements

Confidentiality Statement

Feedback and Complaints

Position on disability

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • The rights and privileges of people with a disability in society are identical to / and equal in necessity as the rights and privileges of people without a disability.
  • That the dignity and worthiness of all persons is paramount, and this is equally true for people with a disability, indeed especially so.
  • That, in so far as is possible, allowing for neurological and psychological difficulty, a person with a disability is capable of, and entitled to, autonomy and self-direction. ‘
  • We will at all times enforce your right to choose and direct your care, and support and uphold your individual dignity and needs.


Position on cultural diversity

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • Multiculturalism is a significant social benefit to our country and its societies.
  • Every cultural has unique strengths and perceptions, which must be honoured and privileged in the provision.
  • Every client has the right to be supported in their position of  strength, via access to language interpretation services, cultural sensitivity from our staff and environments and behaviours that are supportive and comfortable to their cultural experiences and norms.


Position on gender and sexual diversity

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • Gender and Sexual orientation are matters of genetics and complex neurology; not moral or ethical issues.
  • Gender diverse people are entitled to effective, respectful and dignified treatment for the compounding mental and social health issues surrounding their orientation and identity.
  • Discretion, dignity, respect and person-centred care are the absolute concerns of Reflex Social Services for all people regardless of orientation.
  • All people are entitled to safe spaces where identity and self-awareness can be explored comfortably and positively.


Position as a sex-positive organisation

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • Sexuality is a major and natural factor of human health, dignity and emotional & psychological wellbeing – no less so for people with disabilities
  • We maintain that sexuality and sexual expression is an identity and health issue; not a moral one.
  • Sexuality is a complex and natural manifestation of genetics, psychology, experiences, emotions and neurological states.
  • We are committed to assisting all persons with the concomitant health and psychological issues that arise in this area from time to time with dignity, respect and understanding.


Position on working with children and adolescents

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • Whilst needing support and advice from appropriate advocates; children and adolescents are as entitled to provide input to, and feel comfortable and safe in, their treatment and support by our organisations.
  • The autonomy of young people is of equal importance and value as that of any adult
  • That Children and Adolescents are as entitled to give feedback or demand further support and 2nd opinions as all other members of society.
  • We maintain the right of children and adolescents to feel informed and safe at all times.


Position on Social Inclusion, disadvantage and intervention (including those exiting incarceration)

It is the position of Reflex Social Services and its constituent teams that:

  • No person should ever be excluded from social protections / supports due to economic, legal, or socio-cultural factors.
  • We maintain that social exclusion is one of the greatest causes of mental and social illness and addiction.
  • Our service levels and provisions are identical for all clients, and were variances occur are due only to triage and needs assessment.


Information regarding consultation details or attendance will generally not be disclosed without your consent.

In accordance with professional responsibilities and legislation, disclosure may occur where:

  • there is a perceived risk to your safety or that of another person
  • there is a legal requirement to do so

In these instances, where possible, permission from you would be sought prior to disclosing any information.

Case discussion and staff consultation with your JSA Officer, Doctor or other Health Professional, with the view to providing quality of care, do not constitute a breach of confidentiality.


Information and Record Keeping

Personal information is gathered from you for the primary purpose of providing services to you. In addition, this information may also be utilised for:

  • verification of eligibility for services, and reporting to your care providers
  • correspondence with you
  • providing information about the range of services available to you
  • compliance with Health, Legal and social services requirements

No identifying information will be included where information is collated for planning or statistical purposes.

To enable the Counselling Service to provide effective support to you, a record outlining contact, key discussion points, outcomes and other relevant information provided during consultations is kept on File. Additional relevant correspondence and copies of documentation are also kept on File. Your File is encrypted (SSL) and kept for a period of 7 years, according to legal requirements, and then securely deleted.


Access to Information

You may have access to your file at any time. For the purposes of counselling, please be honest about any threats to you, or causes of concern. Voice recordings are sometimes used for purposes of keeping more detailed notes. Once transcribed, these are deleted.

Files may be subpoenaed by an authorised legal or court office. You will be notified in such cases.

Making A Complaint

If you’d like to make a complaint about our services, staff, or the way we operate, you, an advocate that you nominate, or your carer can contact us at any time, either by speaking to one of our staff members, in writing, or via our website at https://ndis.reflex.org.au/complaints. You can make your complaint in person, or you can lodge one anonymously.

If you’d like to make a complaint using our online form, click here.

Acknowledgement of a Complaint

For complaints that are not solved immediately, all complaints received will be acknowledged within five working days of its delivery to Reflex Social Services.

How we Handle Complaints

Reflex Social Services endeavours to solve all complaints as quickly and completely as possible. If an immediate resolution is not possible, your complaint will be referred to our management team to talk to you about your complaint, ask you how you would like it to be resolved, and create an action plan to resolve it. Where possible, you will be informed of all major developments in the investigation and resolution of your complaint.

Complaints that have not been satisfactorily resolved will be escalated until a resolution is met. All recorded complaints, regardless of their outcome, are brought to the attention of Reflex Social Services’ Board of Directors.

For complaints of a serious nature such as abuse, neglect or criminal conduct, your complaint will be immediately escalated to the Executive, and where necessary, will be referred to law enforcement in line with our Mandatory Reporting Policy.

Resolution of complains should take a maximum of 20 working days, though complex cases may take longer. If an investigation of a complaint takes longer than expected, you will be informed.

When we complete our action plan to resolve a complaint, we will contact you to explain what we have done to resolve it, and to seek feedback on our complaints process and your experiences with Reflex Social Services.

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint, a number of organisations can assist you, including the NSW Ombudsman, whose details have been included with this intake pack.


You will occasionally be asked to provide feedback on the quality of our services and staff so we can constantly improve as an organisation. Your honest feedback is appreciated but not compulsory, and you can also elect to give us feedback anonymously.

You can also give us additional feedback at any time using our website.

If you’d like to fill out a feedback form right now, click here.

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