Reflex provides services in two major areas within the NDIS.

1. Case Coordination

One is ensuring that our clients have the best possible resources on hand to achieve their goals. Our clients have someone in their corner fighting for them.

We take pride in having an in depth working knowledge of the disability services and the organisations that work within it, and work hard to maintain relationships with them to ensure our clients get the best possible service.  

Things we can do include:

  • Finding providers you can work with
  • Organising appointments
  • Checking in to see how you’re going
  • Acting as an advocate for you to other providers
  • Making sure your funding allocation lasts through the length of your plan
  • Resolving problems you might have
  • Helping you address new concerns as they come up
  • Assisting you with paperwork for reviews
  • Making sure you have the best possible team at your disposal

2. Support Services

Our other area of expertise is providing counselling, education and therapy services. Everyone has things that they could do with a little help to handle, have skills that they could brush up on, or have things they can learn about themselves and the people they love.

Ways we help people do this include:

  • Counselling you about a range of issues one-on-one
  • Helping your loved ones and carers
  • Holding group lessons and therapy
  • Teaching you new skills for managing your feelings
  • Helping you with your living arrangements – speaking with your landlord, helping you find a new place, helping you get out of your home if you need to.
  • Giving you the best tools to manage your behaviour
  • Guiding you through major life changes
  • Helping out when things go wrong and you need someone to chat to
  • Assisting you in improving your social skills and ability to get out and about
Keep reading to find out how our services fit into your NDIS plan.

Reflex Social Services and the NDIS

When looking at your NDIS plan, look for some of the following items:

1. Case Coordination

Your plan might say “Support Connection” – this is a service for people who can mostly manage their own support, but need a hand finding the right people.

It might also say “Support Coordination” – this is for people who need assistance in managing the overall support they receive and might want a bit of help introducing them to services and making sure everything is in order and helping with problems as they come up.

The last item is “Specialised Support Coordination” and that’s for when you need someone to really step up for you and handle making your appointments, making sure you’ve got the transport to get to them, and making sure that everyone is doing exactly what they should.

2. Support Services

  • Improved Daily Living
  • Improved Life Choices
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Living Arrangements
  • Improved Social and Community Participation

If you can’t spot something that looks familiar here, but still think that Reflex could give you a hand, feel free to get in touch to talk to one of our staff about your needs.

Our Area of Operations

Our area of operations contains Newcastle, The Central Coast, and most of the Lower Hunter.

We service as far north west as Branxton,
as far north as Nelson Bay,
and as far south as the Hawkesbury River.

If you’re not sure if we can travel to you, get in touch and ask. We’d love to have a chat.

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