Reflex’s packages

All of the things you need, with none of the things you don’t.

Our EAP, Consulting, and Training packages are tailored to the outcomes that you want to achieve for your workplace, so you can ensure that you’re getting the services that you need to get the results that you want.


Counselling isn’t just for when someone is struggling with their mental health or to solve a specific issue. Our range of counselling services can be used for your staff and your clients alike.

One on one counselling

group counselling


emergency assistance

burnout prevention

performance optimisation

We deliver counselling:

recurring, in line with staff care plans, as needed, or to manage a specific issue.

some of the common situations we work with include


Burnout Prevention

High Pressure Environments

Vicarious Trauma

Burnout Recovery

Self Sabotage

Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Neurodiverse Workers

Domestic and Family Violence

Grief and Loss

Life Event Adjustment

Illness and Disability

Childhood Trauma

LGBTQIA+ Support

Trauma Awareness


Peak performance happens when your workers have all of the skills they need for consistency and excellence. These services can be taught to your staff and your clients alike. Some of our courses include –

burnout prevention


burnout recovery

boldness and confidence

stress management

vicarious trauma

We provide training:

in half day sessions, in full day seminars, in multi-day workshops.


Most issues in the workplace can be mitigated by strong leadership, robust systems, and decisive response to emergencies.

trauma response

Most people face significant trauma in their lives. Systems that support people in the aftermath of trauma are essential for staff retention.

workplace culture

Every workplace has a culture that can be deliberately shaped, curated and influenced.

mental health aware offices

A workplace that is aware and affirming of mental health and neurodiversity is a happier, healthier, and more inclusive one.

emergency assistance

With Root Cause Analysis, EAP reviews, and immediate debriefing for staff.

burnout prevention

Burnout costs businesses in productivity and staff retention. It is also preventable.

performance optimisation

Performance isn’t just an individual issue, and can be enhanced from the top.

We do consulting by:

performing checks and audits, through executive education, and holding development workshops.

Our area of operations

We’ve got you covered

From Nelson Bay to the Hawkesbury, we provide our services to the people who need them, where they need them.

at reflex, we do one thing well, and that’s

helping people thrive in the face of adversity.

We’ve been doing it for five years now, with services throughout Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast.

As a charity that specialises in trauma counselling and recovery, no trouble is too complex or daunting, and no client is beyond hope. Trauma doesn’t hold back, so neither do we.

Our techniques are honed by the latest research, and the outcomes we achieve with our clients.

Let’s build the best package for your needs.

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