2019 Budget Reaction

April 4, 2019
Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’m going to be upfront and remind you that Reflex is a service that brings emergency counselling services to people who need it most. A lot of the time, that’s people who live under the poverty line, people with disabilities, and people the current system has failed.

Some of our more conservative friends would call this a bias, but we call it empathy.

That’s the thing this budget lacks. Let’s sum it up in a meme so you can click off this one before it gets into facts.

In the last year, the government spent 2.5 billion dollars less than they said they would on services for people with disabilities. (that’s bad)

Since that number was unearthed, they have since decided to halve that number by giving more money to organisations by boosting the amount they can invoice for when they provide services to a person with disabilities. (that’s good)

This hasn’t been met with making room in the funding allocated to people with disabilities to be able to pay for these changes without potentially running out of money for supports. That means that people with disabilities will be getting less for what they’re allocated in the name of “spending more on the NDIS”. (that’s bad)

It’s all well and good to look at these numbers and see a budget being balanced, but it’s out job to see the end result of that. When funding gets cut, or funding is allocated and then taken from the people it’s allocated to help, we’re the ones who see people with degenerative diseases unable to access the supports they need as they die in more pain as a direct result of funding cuts.

As for saving money by further automating the welfare system, we all agree that robodebt was expensive and literally killed people, don’t we?

But it’s just facts and figures, right?

Watch this space on a future article about handling traumatisation at the hands of bureaucratic systems, as soon as we figure that out ourselves.

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