Set your organisation apart by turning client indifference into making a difference.

Balancing client care with commerce and contracts can be tough.

In fact, some stuffy upper management types will tell you that it can’t be done.

That you can’t care and make cash at the same time.

I want to let you in on something.

in a marketplace full of options, for clients who are seeing you while stressed, under pressure, or going through something big –

It’s how you treat them that makes the most difference.

That’s what they remember.

That’s what saves lives.

That’s what sets you apart from other organisations.

Organisations that form alliances with their clients against the difficulties they are facing are the ones that thrive.

Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy tends to agree.

He says “We all have goals: We want to matter. We want to be important. […] Not out of vanity or selfishness, but of an earnest desire to fulfill our personal potential.”

man and woman laughing while sitting in front of laptops

We help organisations like yours forge stronger alliances with their clients.

We improve outcomes and reduce staff burnout using our own science-backed techniques.

Alliances don’t lie in feedback forms.

It can’t be found in tiny gifts.

It certainly can’t be found in putting a psychologist on to talk to people and leaving them without the support, culture, or systems they need to thrive.

It lies with how you react to your clients.

Whether you lean toward them

or away from them.

It’s in your Reflex.

Sector Support is a game changing service that is especially designed for organisations that help others.

With our bespoke client recovery, alignment, and coaching system, we change lives and businesses.

We have turnkey process that takes the trouble of hiring and development off your hands.

We help organisations master the balance of client care, results, and business outcomes.

Business is undergoing one of the biggest changes of the last fifteen years.

The last one started during the data boom – the evolution of data to move from raw sales numbers and feedback to the big data models of today.

Business that have been able to leverage data have really taken off. It changed the way businesses viewed the information they could extract from their clients and their staff.

The last two years consolidated all of that into a peak of workforce digitisation that isn’t slowing down.

There’s a new wave coming in.

It’s business humanisation.

it doesn’t matter whether or not people are interacting in person or online.

Because they’re interacting. In real time.

Connecting genuinely, human to human.

No more small talk and veneer of formality.

No more hiding the struggle.

It’s the same for staff, too.

The current landscape that treats other humans like numbers is soul destroying.

That’s what causing the Great Resignation.

It’s going to be the businesses that go the extra mile that will flourish.

You know what they say – the extra mile is never crowded.

That extra mile doesn’t have to be over difficult terrain, either.

With Reflex at your side, it’s a quick and easy path to being leaps and bounds ahead of the others in your industry.

We transform work from soul crushing to soul nurturing.

From there, growth is inevitable.

three people walking towards the tree

Making these changes by yourself is such a huge undertaking.

First there’s being able to carve out the time and resources you need to do it.

Then there’s knowing exactly what you’re looking for, what information you’re gathering.

It’s hard to look at your business and outcomes from the outside.

You have so many competing views and deadlines.

Then knowing what you need to change?

How to deploy that?

How to measure it?

How to make sure it’s sustainable?

With Sector Support, it’s as easy as saying “Yes.”


We deploy a team who knows the industry and the science of client care inside and out.


We guide you through our easy alignment process with all of the resources you need to start.


We gather your staff for a chat that will equip them with everything they need, empowering them to shift their view of their role and their clients from a struggle to a pleasure.


We work with your clients to build alliances that achieve their goals while providing you actionable, meaningful information to hone and perfect your service.

All based on the latest developments in mental and social health, and the outcomes that we’re achieving across the industry.

All you need to do is say “Let’s get started”.

Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to thrive.

When you do, you’ll get access to our own five minute workplace culture test that will identify your organisation’s strengths, and give you five easy to deploy resources to begin honing your reflexes across five key areas.

client mindset

How we view clients is a key to our success.

workplace culture

Every workplace has a culture that can be deliberately shaped, curated and influenced.

Defining success

With competing deadlines and priorities, it’s important to define what success means across your organisation.

burnout prevention

Burnout costs businesses in productivity and staff retention. It is also preventable.

performance alignment

When we align performance across the board, gains become cumulative.

You can do what you want with that info.

You can work on putting some of those things into action and muddle something together that approaches an outcome.

Get a bit snarky and forward it to your boss.

Stick it on a vision board.

Use it to line a bird cage.

Or, you can send it back to us and we can leverage that to kick start our work together, to get right into the nitty gritty of helping your organisation value and connect with others.

Inform our best and brightest of exactly what they’re walking in to so they come to your office ready and raring to go.

From there, we don’t just tell you what your clients need to get the outcomes you want for them.

We work with you to figure out exactly what is going to make your clients feel seen, heard, and supported.

We transform your feelings from the overwhelm of herding cats to the joy of being in community with others.

People who have the same vision of making real, lasting, measurable change in people’s lives, and then actually delivering on it.

Then, we roll out and deliver…

Emergency mental health response
Targeted group education
Staff collaboration
After hours services
Phone and online options
Employee education
One on one counselling and coaching
Data driven client testing
Case work
Stats and in depth client reporting

some of the common situations we work with include


Burnout Prevention

High Pressure Environments

Vicarious Trauma

Burnout Recovery

Self Sabotage

Communication Skills

Conflict Management

Neurodiverse Workers

Domestic and Family Violence

Grief and Loss

Life Event Adjustment

Illness and Disability

Childhood Trauma

LGBTQIA+ Support

Trauma Awareness

Our area of operations

We’ve got you covered

From Nelson Bay to the Hawkesbury, we provide our services to the people who need them, where they need them.

Sector Support uses the latest research to deploy comprehensive, wrap around services that keep everyone’s needs in mind.

That’s what we excel at.

Our next client organisation intake is coming up soon.

You have two choices.

You can put it off for another six months of doing the same thing and getting the same results.

Or, you can use today as an opportunity to create something new, with meaning and connection, with us by your side.

Take the first step.

Figure out where you’re at.

Let’s go from there.