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It can get tough when the wellness of your clients has a direct impact on your organisation's funding, statistics and success.

This goes double when you case managers are expected to be able to handle very complex issues that would normally require a full team of trained professionals.

At Reflex, we care about your clients just as much as you do, and have a range of services at your fingertips to help them get back on their feet.

All proceeds from our business services are used fund our extensive work in the community.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive counselling services to help your clients address their barriers and issues.
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Emergency Support
With a quick-response emergency trauma response model, we deliver assistance when and where you need it.
We also provide a range of courses, classes, and educational events for clients to build their skills and knowledge.
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About Sector Supports'

Counselling Services

Client counselling can be helpful to a range of organisations that rely on the mental health and welfare of their clients.

Assisting your clients with the issues they are experiencing can make their goals easier to obtain. Investing in your clients shows them that you truly care about their ongoing success.

Our clients come to us with a range of issues, including: domestic violence, childhood trauma, alcohol and substance abuse, ongoing mental health concerns, and difficulties adjusting to illness and disability.

Organisations that use Reflex's client counselling services often find that their client engagement goes up across the board, and staff report greater job satisfaction knowing that there are trained professionals that can support them when it comes to caring for their clients.

Help where you need it.

All of our services are mobile, which means that we come out to your offices to see your clients, and you don't need to worry about transport or scheduling workers to attend appointments.

We can also help your clients in their place of work, which is especially helpful for assisting in workplace issues and supports.

Help when you need it.

We also provide rapid-response assistance for clients when they are faced with emergencies. All of our counsellors specialise in trauma response and can help clients when they need it the most
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Reflex Sector Supports'

Educational Services

We also provide a range of seminars, workshops, and training days for clients covering a range of topics including:

  • Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Dealing with unemployment for older men

For organisations we have an ongoing relationship with, we also develop and deploy customised courses that address the individual needs of each client base.

Our Packages

We have a range of different packages to suit your organisation's needs.
One off Sessions
Ideal for trialling services, or helping out with that one particularly difficult case.
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Retainer Packages
For when you want to ensure you have someone in your corner.
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Comprehensive Services
Book your organisations own counsellor to visit regularly and ensure continuity of service.
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Support Team
Supercharge your organisation by pairing your counsellor with a case worker.
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All of the above, after hours emergency calls, and our full range of employee services to ensure the wellbeing of your own employees as well as your clients.

Contact Us 

Get in touch using one of the methods below, or fill out the form and have one of our staff get back to you to book a chat about how we can help your organisation thrive.

PO Box 1846, Newcastle, NSW 2300