Is your workplace healthy?

In a recent survey,

71% of organisational leaders stated that their organisation has leaders committed to promoting the mental health of staff.

Just 37% of employees agreed. 

TNS, Heads Up Survey, 2014.


Most issues in the workplace can be mitigated by strong leadership, robust systems, and decisive response to emergencies.

trauma response

Most people face significant trauma in their lives. Systems that support people in the aftermath of trauma are essential for staff retention.

workplace culture

Every workplace has a culture that can be deliberately shaped, curated and influenced.

mental health aware offices

A workplace that is aware and affirming of mental health and neurodiversity is a happier, healthier, and more inclusive one.

emergency assistance

With Root Cause Analysis, EAP reviews, and immediate debriefing for staff.

burnout prevention

Burnout costs businesses in productivity and staff retention. It is also preventable.

performance optimisation

Performance isn’t just an individual issue, and can be enhanced from the top.

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