All proceeds from our business services are used fund our extensive work in the community.

Our Services


We provide mobile counselling services to help your employees when and where they need it.

Emergency Assistance

We know that things don't just happen during business hours.

Conflict Management

Not only do we manage workplace conflicts and issues, but we can use them to make teams stronger than ever.

Professional Development

We also have a range of seminars, workshops, and lectures for employees to hone their skills and confidence.

Employee Assistance Programs

Reflex Social Services provides a range of support services for organisations and their employees.
Your employees don't need to have "performance issues" to benefit from our programs.

For Emergencies

Whether its just a few one-on-one sessions to help get through a tough spot or an office wide trauma response, our counsellors can help with our fully mobile service.

For Ongoing Wellness

We also provide packages for staff so you can be proactive while ensuring that your staff are being looked after and supported.

For Performance Coaching

Perfect for high performance, high stress occupations, our counsellors also specialise in performance coaching and optimisation and can help your employees overcome barriers and obstacles.

Some common things we help with include...

Family related issues
Social skills
Life event adjustment
Domestic and family violence
Grief and loss
Childhood trauma
Depression and Anxiety
Burnout prevention
Burnout recovery
Goal setting
Communication skills
Conflict management
Illness and disability
Stress management
Workplace culture issues
CALD and ATSI support
LGBTQIA+ support

Training and Education

We also have a range of seminars, workshops, and professional development events including, but not limited to:

Burnout Prevention
Motivational Interviewing
Assistance vs. Enablement
Vicarious Trauma
Mindfulness and Relaxation
Interpersonal Effectiveness
Aftermath of Trauma
Work Life Balance

Our Packages

We have a range of different packages to suit your organisation's needs.
One off Sessions
Ideal for trialling services, or helping out with that one particularly difficult case.
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Comprehensive Services
Book your organisations own counsellor to visit regularly and ensure continuity of service.
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Support Team
Supercharge your organisation by pairing your counsellor with a social worker.
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All of the above, after hours emergency calls, and our full range of employee services to ensure the wellbeing of your own employees as well as your clients.

Contact Us 

Get in touch using one of the methods below, or fill out the form and have one of our staff get back to you to book a chat about how we can help your organisation thrive.

PO Box 1846, Newcastle, NSW 2300