Is it Hyperfixation, or addiction? How to tell and what to do.
We’ve all been there haven’t we? You find that great new series on Netflix…… suddenly you’ve lost nine hours and there are no new episodes for months. You bought that AMAZING new book you’ve heard so much about, and you settle into your warm bed to read a chapter….. now the sun is rising, the alarm’s about to go off and you’ve read the whole thing. You lost a weekend to that video game You listen to that one new song over and over Work consumes you… So do your hobbies….. A lot of this seems to have been equated…
boy playing jenga
10 Things That will Immediately Change how you see People with ADHD
My name is Damien Southam, I am the Director of Operations at Reflex Social Services, and I am an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder sufferer. Here’s 10 things that I, and others like me, wish you knew.