Hi, we’re Reflex.

We believe that nobody should be left behind,

and that nobody’s story is over.

Trauma doesn’t discriminate or hold back,

so neither should the response to it.

Reflex Social Services is a charity that provides trauma response services to people who need it regardless of their finances or funding allocations. 

Our goal is to create an industry leading rapid response service to people who need it across Australia, so we can live in a nation where no one falls through the cracks.

Man holds child

We’RE BUILDING this by providing


The first 72 hours after a traumatic event are key to ensuring that someone can process what has happened and prevent ongoing issues related to trauma.

A service that meets people when and where they need that help is the lynchpin of our organisation.


For people who need the help of multiple professionals, arranging and getting the help they need can be daunting.

We assist with a robust referral network for our clients, and an in depth knowledge of their referral pathways, methods, and openings.


Maintaining quality connections with others and forging healthy new ones is a key part of successful trauma recovery.

In our community programs, we assist people with lived experience gain the skills they need to help others through our peer support programs.

Reflex has been providing trauma support and mental health services to people in need since 2015, building a reputation in the industry as a valuable source of emergency mental health innovation and service delivery. 

We have the goal of becoming a national centre for excellence in emergency mental health, with national rapid response trauma services, leading the industry in early intervention research and innovations to assist in closing the gaps in Australia’s safety net. 

Eyes on the Prize – Our Goals

Our end goal is pretty big. We’re currently working on some milestones on our way there.


Expanding our business services to ensure a diverse and sustainable range of income, while helping people who need it.


Deploying a Rapid Response Module as a pilot project to cover the Newcastle, Hunter, and Central Coast regions.


Educate and support communities through developing and deploying resources on mental health, social health, and recovery.

We need your help.

We need the support of our community to help build our capacity

so we can make sure no one falls through the cracks.


Doing the work

We have a number of ways we fund our services

so we can make sure that we can continue to

bring our valuable services to the people who need it.

We wouldn’t be able to continue without the continued support of our donors

With the support of local business, we’re able to find and work along side the most compassionate businesses in our region.

Grant and Tenders

When the aims of local, state, or federal governments align with ours, we apply for funding for individual projects in the areas we operate.

Private Sessions

For people who do have the resources, we encourage them to pay for the services we provide, so we can give services to people who don’t.

Business Services

We provide counselling, EAP, consulting, and education products to local business

Nurture by Reflex

We also run a store for merchandise, wellness goods, and gifts.

Let’s keep in touch

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